Our Vision: To create Christ-centered communities that increase the Kingdom of God in size, maturity & influence.

Our Motto: No Perfect People Allowed!

Youth Ministries

Welcome to 4:12 Youth Ministries at Hillside Wesleyan church. Our mission at 4:12 is to create Christ-centered youth who can increase the Kingdom of God in size, maturity, and influence. This is accomplished through being an example for others through speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. We are here to help our local youth find the Jesus in them by learning about Him in a community of young believers.

Sunday School

Sundays (9:00am-10:00am) (Temporarily unavailable due to COVID)

Every Sunday morning 6th -12th graders gather and split into small groups from 9am-10am. These small groups study lessons surrounding Bible characters, life lessons from scripture, Bible stories, and real-life situations, using videos, games, and graphic organizers. This is a fun time to bond together and learn about Jesus and the Word of God and how to connect with them through everyday teenage life.

Youth Group

Wednesdays 6pm-8pm. Thursdays 6:30pm-8pm.

Every Wednesday our 6th-12th graders meet at Hillside Wesleyan church. We spend this time in fellowship, playing games, singing and worshiping together, learning the word through a spoken message, and hanging out with our small groups. Our group is filled with laughter, joy, peace, and friendship. (Can't make Wednesday? Try Thursday!)

Please join us and become part of this family. We would love to see you here. None of us are perfect and we don’t expect you to be perfect either. Bring your brokenness, your baggage, your problems, your gifts, your talents, and your desires to this group, and you will fit right in. Our youth group is about the Truth, and the Truth will set you free!

For more information please contact:

Jay Wentworth

Email: jay@crhillside.com

Phone: 319-365-5088