Our Vision: To create Christ-centered communities that increase the Kingdom of God in size, maturity & influence.

Our Motto: No Perfect People Allowed!


Here at Revolution, we applaud the work of all the other 12-step meetings out there. For over 75 years they have helped people struggling with addictions, and without a doubt, many lives, families, and marriages have been saved because of these extraordinary programs. Revolution is different because its focus and format revolves almost exclusively around young people and people who are young at heart. Revolution was founded by former addicts and youth volunteers. Yes, we still have coffee, but we also have a meal, music, childcare, and transportation available. Come check us out and see what the next generation of recovery looks like. We meet on Thursday nights in the fellowship hall at Hillside Wesleyan Church.


Revolution is for anybody who is struggling with a hurt, habit or hang-up.

It is a safe place for you to turn life “right side up”.


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Thursday (6:30pm - 8:00pm)

At Revolution, we know that one of your biggest struggles with coming to group is getting the kids loaded up and going. Often times they don’t want to go because it’s boring. This is why we don’t just have childcare where your kids just sit in a room and color or watch TV while being “watched” by an adult. Our kids are active in a program where they play games, have contests and get to hear a message from the Bible tailored just for them! Our children’s workers are trained and thoroughly background checked. But, the number one requisite for our kids’ staff is that they must love kids. Your child will want to come to Revolution! We offer kids programs from newborns all the way up to 12th grade.

A Meal and Company

Thursday (6:00pm - 6:30pm)

We know all to well the struggle of getting off work, getting the kids and getting a meal in and trying to get to the meeting on time!  Let us take part of that burden off your shoulders.  We offer a balanced meal downstairs in Ernst Hall every Thursday.  We ask for a donation of $3 each /$5 max per family to cover costs.  The kids love it too!  And have a great time with a full belly in our children's services afterwards while the adults can focus on their recovery!

The Three Pillars of Revolution

There is only one.

Most 12-step programs require you to acknowledge a “Higher Power” as being able to restore you to sanity. By experience, we have found this to be true. However, we have put a name to this power and it is Jesus. Through all the mainstream faiths, He is the only one who offers a complete transformation and healing for those who trust in Him. 


We are all sick.

Many 12-step programs are specific to your addiction. At Revolution we believe that just about everybody is struggling with something. And most hurts, habits and hang-ups have the same underlying causes. We welcome all people regardless of their age and reason for being there.


We’ve all been there.

Your hosts of Revolution have recovered or are recovering from their own addictions and hang-ups. We communicate on the ground level with you and not from platitudes. We know what it’s like to be right where you are and are committed to helping you “turn around.”

For more information please contact:

Pastor Bill Reirden

Email: Bill@crhillside.com

Phone: 319-365-5088

For help with transportation:


Phone: 319-321-7923