Hillside Resident Program


At Hillside Wesleyan Church we Engage our community with the hope of Jesus Christ,

and Encourage and Equip others to take their next spiritual step in their relationship with God. 


The purpose of our Resident Program is to help the next generation of

pastors and church leaders fulfill the “Three E’s” of Hillside’s vision,

as well as experience them in their own lives.


Hillside’s Resident Program is a two-year program designed to give hands-on, practical experience

within the local church. Residents gain experience serving on one or more of

Hillside’s ministry teams (Worship, Student Ministry, or Children’s Ministry).

Residents will serve on the team(s) that best fit their gifts/talents, experience, passion and calling. 


The Resident Program will:

-Engage the resident where they are in their leadership and ministry experience.

-Encourage them to continue to grow professionally and personally and spiritually.

-Equip them with the experience and tools needed to make an impact for God within the communities they serve. 


Reports to

Lead Pastor 





General Requirements 

-Mature Believer 

-Aligned with HWC’s Vision, Values, Philosophy and Leadership Structure 

-Attend Staff Meetings weekly (or as determined by Supervisor) 

-Model the discipline of giving 

-Connect relationally with other Believers in a Community Group 

-Attend Weekend Services regularly  

-Attend staff retreats as required  

-Model Discipleship of other Believers 

-Work with all staff and church body to accomplish church-wide initiatives 


Character Requirements 

-Committed to growth in Biblical character and morality 

-Committed to continual physical, mental, and spiritual improvement 

-Committed to immediate conflict resolution 


Chemistry Requirements 









Competence Requirements 










Pastor Dave O’Vell 
Phone: 734-395-6317 
Email:  dave@crhillside.com 

Organization: Hillside Wesleyan Church 

Address: 2600 1st Ave NW 

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405