Hillside Missions

One of the purposes of the church is to be "the hands and feet of Christ."  In other words, we believe we are called to reach out to people with the love of Christ.  This means meeting people's physical needs as well as sharing the Gospel of Jesus.  Jesus sought to do both, so we follow His example.  Whether in our community, country, or all around the world, we seek to share the love of Jesus through international missions, national missions, local missions, and supporting missionaries.

Foreign Missions

If you want a change in perspective, participate in a short-term foreign mission trip.  We offer one or two foreign mission trips each year.  We have recently sent teams to Zambia and Guatemala.


The value of foreign mission trips is not just in the good we do while there, but also in the way it always changes our hearts.  Our compassion grows, our desire to serve Jesus grows, and we get a better understanding that Christ is alive and well far beyond our borders.

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Local Missions

Local mission projects have become a big part of Hillside. Hillside has always been known as a mission-oriented church, and we're proud of that. However, much of our "mission" was simply giving money to foreign missionaries, but not really reaching out ourselves.


If you'd like to get involved in a local mission project, you can do it through one of the ministries of the church such as a community group or ABF, by looking for opportunities on the church website or in the bulletin, or by contacting the church office to find out what's available.

National Missions

It isn't necessary to travel the world to find people in need. There are many opportunities here in the United States. We are currently partnering with Samaritan's Purse. We have sent teams to Operation Christmas Child facilities in Minnesota, and we have worked with the South Dakota Lakota Indians and the Alaskan Indian tribes.

Support Missions

Finally, here at Hillside we provide financial and prayer support to a team of missionaries in the field. Our missionaries serve in Latin America, Africa, Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Czech Republic. We are blessed to have them on the front lines in the field.