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Hillside Wesleyan Church

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Our Vision:

To create Christ-centered communities that increase the Kingdom of God in size, maturity & influence.

Our Motto:

No Perfect People Allowed!





Adult Ministries


ABFs (Adult Bible Fellowships)

These are the Sunday morning version of

LifeGroups, meeting at 9:00am before service

in Ernst Hall (downstairs).  They

tend to be larger and more diverse, but

their goals are the same as all of our



Their primary purpose is teaching, but

they are really much more; they are a

community within the community.  In

addition to teaching, members of each

group pray together, care for each other

and reach out into the community together.


These groups are open meaning you can just

show up on Sunday morning and join in!


AGAPE LifeGroup (9:00 am in the AGAPE Classroom - west side of Ernst Hall)

Led by Larry and Jan Statler.  It consists primarily of empty-nesters and is extremely active in the church and community.


Bereans LifeGroup (9:00 am in the Bereans Classroom - south west corner of Ernst Hall)

Carol Berchenbriter leads this class through various books of the Bible using the "three-question" method, asking the questions, "What does it say?" "What does it mean?" and "What should I do about it?" Guests are always welcome!


Relationship LifeGroup (9:00 am in the Charis Classroom - south wall of Ernst Hall)

Led by Dwain Sanford.  Join high school, college, young marrieds and “seasoned” couples who desire a better understanding of relationships with each other and with God.


Bible LifeGroup – (9:00 am in the Bible ABF/Library Classroom - south east corner of Ernst Hall)

Led by Dennis Hull.  The BIBLE class is made up mostly of senior adults, but includes people of other age groups as well.  Sunday school topics in this class are based on books of the Bible studied directly, verse by verse.


P.I.G.S. LifeGroup (9:00 am in the P.I.G.S. Classroom - east side of Ernst Hall)

Led by Laura Eckert.  The People In God's Service group is led by Laura Eckert.  Most PIGS members are in their 20s to early 40s. While there is a large age-range in this group, they keep their identity with outreach projects like their annual school supply drive. This class studies various topics throughout the year.


12-Step Class (9:00 am in the Upper Room Classroom - room west of kitchen on the upper-level of the office building)

Led by Pastor Bill Reirden.  For those desiring to break free of hurts, habits and hang-ups by the power of Jesus Christ.



LifeGroups are an important part of life at Hillside.  Based on the Scriptural principles found in Acts 2:42-47, Acts 4:32-34, Timothy 2:2 and Hebrews 10:25, we recognize the benefits, the longing and the need for people to have a safe place to interact: to be able to ask questions, talk about their faith journeys, study the Bible and simply “do life” together.  These are all important aspects of growing that you go beyond what you can get in a Sunday worship service.


The Vision & Mission of LifeGroups is stated below. They generally meet every-other week on various nights at people's homes to study the Bible, pray together, and to reach out in the community.  If you're interested in either forming or joining a group, please contact Brian White (brian.white@genmills.com) or write "LifeGroup" on a Sunday morning Communication Card.

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